Sales Pitch Efficiency

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Sales Pitch Efficiency

Scaling knowledge to improve team performance


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For an outsourced sales department, it’s easy to standardize performance expectations through lagging indicators around revenue and cost. But on closer inspection, different agents were taking wildly different approaches to preparing for those client calls – some more effective than others. What else could be unlocked by improving the efficiency at which agents perform their outreach?


A standard, optimized workflow for sales representatives to research account history and recommendations prior to client outreach, bolstered by a change management plan to effectively roll out the new process.


This was a classic Knowledge Management challenge: how do we get the team to learn what the team knows? I I first worked with team leads to identify the highest performers, and sat with them to understand and document their process.

I then vetted and refined that process by working with upper tier subject matter experts and documented it in an easy-to-reference guide. Team leads and I sat with agents to go through it together and QA their adherence to the process and help them through an uncomfortable change.


In the pilot team, cut the pre-call prep time by over 50% with ~85% adoption. The process was rolled into standard practice globally.