Creative and technical leader driving initiatives that

What I do

I am a curious problem solver who actively maintains a toolkit of ways to inspire, educate, and streamline.

  • Content Marketing
  • Internal Comms
  • Product Management
  • Program Management
  • Knowledge Management


How I work

Over the years, I’ve found that we get the best solutions by applying the human-centered design approach.

  1. Understand the problem space deeply
  2. Build empathy for the people involved
  3. Prioritize the problems to solve
  4. Brainstorm, prototype, and test
  5. Iterate


What you can expect

Clarity, simplicity, and excellence are hallmarks of my work.
You can expect that along the way I will…

  • Build a fun, creative, and supportive culture
  • Get a little bit obsessed about the problem
  • See the forest and its trees
  • Be clear about risks and concerns
  • Challenge where appropriate
  • Build for operational scale
  • Be a catalyst for change



Work History

I’ve had the pleasure of solving important problems at some of the world’s most remarkable companies — perhaps yours is next!