Spotlight on Privacy

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Spotlight on Privacy


Meta (Facebook)


Support Facebook’s FTC order by helping Ads & Business product builders understand, prioritize, and empathize with the key principles behind data privacy.


A compelling four part documentary series and website activated through a companywide Privacy Week and integration to mandatory legal training.


As the primary driver, executive producer, and program manager for this effort, I was at the hub of all the spokes – and wow, were the wheels turning. Supported by an incredible team of producers, researchers, marketers, lawyers, designers, and leaders, this gargantuan project mostly took place while I traveled the world with a small film crew. It ended up being one of the best things any of us had ever done.

To develop the narrative and storyline, my team and I first consulted with 60+ internal stakeholders with 5 key internal leaders serving as story consultants. We synthesized the research and lived and breathed the problem space until it felt like our own.

The research led us to 7 cities, where we filmed 59 interviews with consumers, business owners, senior leaders, subject matter experts, privacy and consumer advocates – even members of the EU parliament.

A crucial moment happened as we paused in Sydney to map out what we had, what we still needed, and what we could do without. It was also around this time in January 2020 that COVID-19 was starting to sound like a real risk. I made several last-minute pivots to ensure we captured what we needed in time, while keeping cast and crew safe and comfortable.

As the world ground to a halt, our small post-production team locked down in our homes to edit, post-produce, and launch to all ~60K employees who were starting to get starved for quality content.

The rich bank of footage allowed us to continue to remix and re-release content for years to follow.


  • On time and under budget
  • Reached every employee and contingent worker in the company (60K+) through integration to mandatory annual training
  • 500% increase in social (Workplace from Meta) viewership compared to the prior documentary
  • Triggered a roadmap re-prioritization to address an issue surfaced in the series

“Wow – VERY well done. A great balance of business value vs. building trust and managing varied expectations on the concept of privacy. A helpful resource for building empathy and better understanding the dimensions of this issue.”

– Regional head of government & politics