Office 365 Corporate Rollout

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Office 365 Corporate Rollout


Regis Corporation


Increase ROI of company’s investment in Microsoft Office 365 by growing adoption amongst corporate employees. Long tenures in the home office meant significant resistance to change, with most people only using the email function of a much larger toolset.


A comprehensive change management and 8-week multichannel internal marketing campaign that focused on simple, tangible use cases that appealed to basic professional needs: competency, power, dignity, and identity. We called it “Work. Easier.”


As the capability owner for Office 365 (Microsoft’s largest deployment at that time), I drove the operation with the CIO as my customer and a diverse project team.

Using the ADKAR methodology as a change management framework, we worked backwards from the desired end state, identifying key points of friction at each stage, with tactics to overcome them.

We put together a strategy that used email, in-office signage (out of home), weekly lab sessions, peer success videos and more. The steady drumbeat led up to a live event that was set up as a convention – with productivity booths, punchcards, and prize wheel spins for those who visited all the booths.

We tapped our vendors and Microsoft for swag, prizes, and even to work the booths.


Soft cost savings of $1M (2015 dollars) over 3 years through increased productivity attributed to the new ways of working, with additional hard savings through redundant tool reduction.