Animated Salon Training

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Animated Salon Training

Technical training for creative people


Regis Corporation


For the 50K stylists in Regis Corporation salons, technology is just another tool like shears or clippers: it’s a means to an end and just needs to work reliably. Stylists are intensely visual and auditory learners with very little extra time, so dry technical writing wasn’t working – and neither were videos of talking heads. A new approach and channel were needed.


A series of short whiteboard animation videos with voiceover, music, and sound effects that explained complicated salon operating procedures or technology subjects in a simple and fun way.


After understanding the problem space and pitching the approach, I directed my team to partner with Operations managers to understand the key points of confusion and inefficiency in salons. From this came a prioritized production list which we scheduled around seasonal events (like back to school) and store operations (like inventory).

We scripted the videos in a fun, conversational way with fun easter eggs to keep stylists interested. I set up a microphone in my office so corporate employees could record filler audio that would be used in the videos. Finally, I animated the visuals using Videoscribe software.


Strong anecdotal feedback from salon leadership turned a one-off project into an ongoing series called “In A Nutshell,” which turned into a library of videos and text guides on every salon’s point-of-sale computer.