Content Calendar


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As an internal content and marketing team in a rapidly growing environment, important messages were getting lost in a sea of cross-functional communication. The team needed to organize around a theme, and communicate often about that theme in order for the message to stick. We also needed a more effective way to coordinate with senior leadership.


A detailed content calendar that organized content around monthly and weekly narrative themes, activation channels, and seasonal marketing moments.


Using trusted resources as examples, I built the calendar as a lightweight planning tool but quickly realized its potential as a communication and collaboration device. In meetings with internal comms and senior leadership, my manager and I would share the calendar to validate and refine key messages for the organization.

Content producers could then work against the roadmap to activate relevant, engaging content in each channel.


Being able to share a seasonal roadmap at a glance allowed us to shorten the approval window for comms by actual months. It also bolstered our reputation and relationship with senior leadership and internal comms teams, offering a working model for the first strategic collaboration between these groups. It was durable and repeatable and reused each quarter.

The strategic nature of the plan also helped the team focus its communication on one key message at a time, helping the team work like the content marketing team it was becoming.